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How To Prepare For Your Portrait Session!
At Tiny Acorn Portraits, we want to capture your individual character.  Each family is completely different and each portrait session unique. Let us know if we can do anything to prepare for you or your group, so that we can make the studio or location an area you feel comfortable in.  Read the following for tips on specific photo sessions...

Newborn Photos with Tiny Acorn Portraits
At Tiny Acorn, newborn photos are one of our specialties.  We suggest bringing in your newborn while still under 10 days old for sleeping baby portraits. Onesies, bloomers or diaper covers, hats and headbands are all great clothing choices for your new baby.  Less clothing is better as you will want to remember all of your babies little bits and pieces! Parents bring a long sleeve black shirt as we will possibly use you as a 'prop' in some photos.  At our Edina studio we have some great fabrics, a few hats, bloomers and diaper covers to choose from as well.  If photographing on location, let us know if there is anything we can bring. Read our blog post about How To Prepare For Your Newborn Session to learn more.

Children and Baby Photos with Tiny Acorn Portraits
The possibilities are endless. Bring hats, tu tu's, fun outfits and anything to show your child's true personality.  Tiny Acorn's phoilosophy is all about letting kids be kids! Let your child express themselves with an outfit of their choice. This way they will be more likely to wear your outfit choice with out a fuss! When choosing outfits for groups of kids, bold solid colors are better than bold patterns as you wouldn't want one child to stand out over another. Shoes are not necessary, because bare feet on kids is always timeless. Try to avoid tights if possible, they tend to bunch and sag, and flowing dresses on little girls work better than tight dresses.

Family Photos with Tiny Acorn Portraits
It's great to coordinate but don't worry about having the whole family match, rather stick to a similar color scheme. By mixing colors and textures you add depth to your photographs. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. If your portraits are on location, take into consideration the elements and atmosphere of the location. For more information check out this blog post on How to Prepare for Your Family Session

Teens or Senior Photos with Tiny Acorn Portraits
How will you be remembered? Express yourself best by choosing outfits that you feel comfortable in and avoiding large labels or logos. If your portrait session is on location, take into consideration the elements and atmosphere of the location. Though classic styles are always best, it is ok to bring a few fun accesorries to spice up your graduation photos such as sports gear, instruments or any other objects that represent you. We love to shoot senior photos on location in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area as well as in our Edina portrait studio.

Remember, personality in your clothes is OK and always a plus! Try to avoid text on your clothing, most print becomes hard to read, and we want the focus to be on you and not on the brand of clothing. If you have trouble deciding, bring a few clothing options, we can help you decide at your shoot. Don't stress - We have reserved plenty of time for your photo shoot. If you think your children are difficult to photograph, bring them in, we love a challenge and will surprise you.

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